Climate Action

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Alliance for Climate Education

We educate young people on the science of climate change and empower them to take action.

CLIMATE ACTION CLASSROOMS - The Climate Reality Project

Enlist a classroom, school, youth group or club in the Climate Action Classrooms program:

Educators and leaders the world over are growing a network of Climate Action Classrooms committed to translating the global youth climate activist movement into project-based learning, curriculum that inspires students to value critical thinking, collaborative problem-solving and ultimately, elevates young leaders' instincts and intrinsic motivation to address the challenges climate change presents. Interested in learning more or leading a classroom, youth group or club? The Climate Reality Project Global Education Group will be hosting ongoing, online CLIMATE ACTION CLASSROOMS INFORMATION SESSIONS as well as offering private or small group sessions per request.

Climate Resources for Climate Advocacy - The Climate Web

This Ebook introduces the Climate Web as a resource for individuals, philanthropies, and NGOs working toward climate solutions.

Campaign Against Climate Change

The Campaign against Climate Change brings people together to push for the urgent and resolute action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate.

Citizens Climate Lobby

CCL empowers everyday people to work together on climate change solutions. Our supporters are organized in more than 400 local chapters across the United States. Together we’re building support in Congress for a national bipartisan solution to climate change.

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Citizen Climate is for high school students and focuses on global climate solutions. This curriculum emphasizes civic engagement and helps teachers and students understand the critical and complex climate solutions being discussed on the national and international stage, including equity in climate change international negotiations.

EcoLeague - Canada

Through EcoLeague, students are engaged in linking what they have learned to Action Projects that provide a real context for understanding sustainability issues in their community. Undertaking Action Projects allows youth to understand that they do have the ability to bring about positive and significant change in their schools and communities.

Green Team Superheros

This award winning program develops lifelong leaders in sustainability through a student led, real-world, project-based program. Using the Eco-Schools USA Pathways to Sustainable Development as the foundation, each Green Team Superhero is assigned a classroom in their school to lead and monitor while conducting sustainability audits, delivering presentations, and implementing school wide contests. For upper-elementary students.

Schools for Climate Action

We help school boards, student councils, school environmental clubs, PTA's, teachers' unions, and school support organizations to pass resolutions that do 3 things:Drive a paradigm shift so people recognize climate change as a generational justice and equity issue.Clearly articulate the political will for all elected leaders, especially Members of Congress, to support or enact common-sense climate policies (such as carbon pricing, 100% clean energy policies, green infrastructure investments, and just transition plans).Celebrate and expand school district responses to climate change.