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Climate Change and Health a project of UNCC (United Nations Climate Change)

If you are a newcomer to the area of climate change, start with the UN CC: Learn introductory e-course on climate change (blue box below). If you already know the basics about climate change, explore the issue of climate change and health by clicking on of the advanced learning topics below. You will be guided to the best available resources for each area.

Climate Change Chronicles/ Science for Students

This year-long series investigated those changes, focusing on the new science behind them. And we explored how Earth’s life — including humans — has begun to adapt.

Climate Change Wellbeing Guide - New Zealand

The Climate Change Wellbeing Guide has been developed to provide teachers with background information and tailored resources to help them navigate the delivery of climate change scientific content, whilst maintaining the wellbeing/hauora of students.

Covid and Climate / ThoughtBox

A free inquiry discussing the connections between coronavirus and climate change, exploring lessons from lockdown and responding to a world in transition. middle and high school.

Environmental Public Health

The medical and technological advances of the past few centuries have helped improve human life on Earth, but technology has also had some unintended, harmful effects on human health and the health of other living things in our environment. This collection highlights these issues, examines how we are identifying the causes and effects of these health problems, and how public health works to improve conditions.

Health and Climate Change

Browse through the individual articles, check out our image galleries and poster, and consider our lesson ideas, which include an interactive game.

National Institue of Environmental Health Science

NIEHS has developed Climate and Health learning modules for a variety of student audiences that explore the health impacts of climate change both in the United States and globally. Modules are suitable for use in high school and university courses on earth, life, and environmental science, history, geography, health care or social studies classes. Modules are also available for medical school students and professional students in public health and health sciences.

Protecting Children's Environmental Health

Children are often more vulnerable to pollutants than adults due to differences in behavior and biology, that can lead to greater exposure and/or unique windows of susceptibility during development. Learn more about children's health, the environment, and what you can do.

TOX Town

Looking for resources to learn about environment and health for middle school students? Explore Science Classroom to find lesson plans/activities, interactive games and activities, hands on activities, videos, informational websites and more.

TROP ICSU/ available in several languages

We collate and curate digital/ICT-based teaching resources that integrate climate studies across the curriculum of Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities. These teaching resources are locally rooted in their context, but globally relevant for their science. For high school and undergraduates.

Your Guide to Talking With Children of All Ages about Climate Change

The National Resources Defense Council has suggestions about how to approach climate change with children. It divides the suggestions into age groups for young children, school age kids, preteens and teens.