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NOTE: Use the search term Cli-Fi to look for individual books. Many of these are young adult fiction. Cli-Fi tends toward dystopian scenerios. There is a lack of books dealing with hopeful climate mitigation and adaptation scenerios.

Celebrities Read Poems on Climate Change

Actors including James Franco, Ruth Wilson, Gabriel Byrne, Maxine Peake, Jeremy Irons, Kelly Macdonald and Michael Sheen read a series of 21 poems on the theme of climate change, curated by UK poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy. Includes two bonus poems from Byrne and Franco.

Climate Change Story Ideas / journalism Education Association

This is a compilation of story ideas for the aspiring climate journalist who wants to tell stories that will have an impact. Each story idea in this story spread includes two main sections: The Basics and The Creative. In the Basics, you will find suggestions for angles to frame your article, sample questions to ask yourself and your interviewees and suggestions for reliable sources. The Creative is for those who want to go further, increasing audience engagement via eye-catching graphics and multimedia devices. Middle Schol and high school.

Cli-Fi Report Global

The Cli-Fi Report (CFR) is a research tool for academics and media professionals to use in gathering information and reporting on the rise of the emerging cli-fi term worldwide. The website provides links to Cli-Fi literature and Cli-Fi literature studies.

Climate Fiction and Young Learners' Thoughts - A Dalogue beteen Literature and Education

Via thematic content analysis, this article combines approaches from educational and literary research to explore representations of nature, climate change and sustainability by children in their own reflections and for children in fiction. We identify a number of contact points between our materials and suggest how findings point to bright spots when re-thinking the role of literature in education for sustainable development (ESD) and, conversely, the importance of young learners’ voices within ESD for literature studies. The paper highlights suggested readings and provides further exploratin of the subject in the bibliography.

Climate Stories Project

Climate Stories Project (CSP) is an educational and artistic forum for sharing stories about personal and community responses to climate change. CSP focuses on personal oral histories, which bring an immediacy to the sometimes abstract nature of climate change communication. Includes prompts for writing climate stories, climate stories from around the world, a forum for sharing climate stories and a database of climate stories project participants have written.

Seven Cli-fi Stories that Imagine a Better World

This article lists cli-fi stories that are opeful rather than dystopian.

Survive the Century

Survive the Century is a branching narrative game about the political, environmental and social choices humans will face between 2021 and 2100 as we adapt to the ravages of climate change. Featuring short fiction by Lauren Beukes, Rajat Chaudhuri, Maria Turtschaninoff and Sophia Al-Maria, as well as illustrations by Annika Brandow. Middle and high school.

The Poetry Society

On this site, you’ll find a wide selection of poetry lesson plans and activities covering the whole spectrum of key stages, and exploring many themes and forms of poetry includiing climate.