Energy Lesson Plans

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Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears

The study of natural resources, including renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, is a great cross-curricular unit. Uniting science, social studies, and other subject areas, it can also be framed in the context of your state or community.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

What is your carbon footprint? EPA's Household Carbon Footprint Calculator.

CLEAN (Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network)

The CLEAN Collection of Climate and Energy educational resources. A collection of 700+, free ready-to-use learning resources, rigoursly reviewed by educators and scientists, suitable for secondary through higher education classrooms.

Clean Energy Bright Futures

Search, rate, download and adapt a growing library of K-12 teacher- created, hands-on, STEM renewable energy activities developed by teachers for teachers in our online educator library.

Climate Change, Children and Youth/ UNICEF Canada

This guide has been created to support secondary school educators in their efforts to work with youth to take action on climate change. Through the thought-provoking activities contained here, students will have the opportunity to nurture their compassion and discover how climate change is affecting children around the world, especially children in developing countries. This guide offers students a chance to engage in global climate change issues including natural disasters, food security, energy, health and water water, food , and understand their role in contributing to existing conditions, as well as opportunities for change. Students are encouraged to consider taking action on a personal, school, and community level, as well as at a global scale.

Climate Generation - A Will Steger Legacy

These lessons introduce students to energy basics, emphasizes the connection between our energy use and consumption, the resulting impact on our climate and energy solutions that mitigate its impact. Lessons suitable for grades 3-8

Department of Energy and Environment - Australia

Students and others can find information on climate change for use in assignments, projects, essays and research. It includes reliable sources of information to better understand climate change and links to Australian Government climate change initiatives and international sources.

Energy Kids/ US Energy Information Administration

Find energy related stories, hands-on activities, and research articles for your classroom! These curriculum-based lessons are separated by age-grade.Primary, Elementary,,Middle, Secondary. Also includes a teachers guide which provides energy lessons that use this website as a resource. The guide provides Language Arts, Math, Performing Arts, Science and Social Studies extension activities.

Green Team Superheros

This award winning program develops lifelong leaders in sustainability through a student led, real-world, project-based program. Using the Eco-Schools USA Pathways to Sustainable Development as the foundation, each Green Team Superhero is assigned a classroom in their school to lead and monitor while conducting sustainability audits, delivering presentations, and implementing school wide contests. For upper-elementary students.

National Energy Education Development Project

In just the last decade The NEED Project has grown to encompass a curriculum portfolio of 100+ teacher and student guides designed to engage and teach teachers and students about energy. At the same time, the training opportunities offered by NEED expanded to include a variety of teacher professional development and training for educators and school district energy personnel as well.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Renewable Energy Activities - Teachers Guide grades 6-8

Planet Watch - Solar Schools

Explore how your planet is using energy with data and interactive graphs. Join forces as a school to protect your planet by reducing energy consumption. Find out what’s affecting energy use and make plans to save the future by becoming more energy efficient. Then visit other planets in the galaxy to see how your efforts stack up.

Solar Schoolhouse

Various teaching materials and project curriculum about solar in schools and homes.

Solar Schools

Solar Schools makes it easy and exciting to teach students about energy efficiency. Use your school’s own energy data to bring this innovative educational program to life.