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Borrowed Time

A music video with beautiful contrast of nature and fossil fuel destruction. This video opens room for discussion about the causes and effects of climate change. Suitable for high school and above.

Climate Change According to a Kid

Suitable for grades 3-6

Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions 101 is the world’s first major educational effort focused solely on solutions. Rather than rehashing well-known climate challenges, Project Drawdown centers game-changing climate action based on its own rigorous scientific research and analysis. This course, presented in video units and in-depth conversations, combines Project Drawdown’s trusted resources with the expertise of several inspiring voices from around the world. Grades 11-undergraduate

Doc Academy

Doc Academy is the school program of Doc Society, providing free, easy-to-use resources for secondary school teachers, including: Short clips from critically-acclaimed documentary films; Standards-aligned lesson plans for high school classrooms, including learning pathways for English Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Film Studies, STEM, and other related subjects; Original content made by and tested with teachers.

Global Warming for Kids

Global warming and it's effects are explained for kids in this video. We talk about the basics of the sun, greenhouse gases, the effects of fossil fuels on the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere, and practical tips for how kids can help.

One Small Change

“One Small Change”, released on January 30, 2020, was made by children at the two-teacher Cappabue National School, near Bantry, Ireland. They decided to make the video after being shocked by the amount of litter they found when they went to help clean up local beaches. The song was written by the students themselves as part of a music workshop with rapper Garry McCarthy, Suitable for elementary and middle school.

Our Climate Our Future - a project of Alliance for a Climate Education

Our Climate Our Future is an award-winning video experience that educates young people on the science of climate change and empowers them to take action.

The Climate Reality Project

ACTION: DOWNLOAD THE 'TRUTH IN 10' SLIDESHOW. Check out the translations of Climate Reality Founder and Chairman Al Gore's 10-minute slide deck. This is a resource to share with others in your community to spread the word about the climate crisis. The PDF and Powerpoint versions include a word document with talking points from Vice President Gore's presentation. There is also a link to the recording of Vice President Gore giving the presentation in under 10 minutes at the 2017 Seattle Training.

What do Coral Reefs and Penguins Have in Common?

A video connecting the penguins and coral reefs together due to the warming of the ocean. Suitable for primary and middle school.

The Years Project

The YEARS Project is an education and communications effort designed to elevate climate change as the biggest issue of our time. Our mission is to compel measurable and effective action on climate change through trusted storytelling across all media.

Twenty Visualizations for Climate Change

Visualizations of climate date over time, includes videos.

Young Voices for the Planet

The mission of the Young Voices for the Planet film series is to to limit the magnitude of climate change and its impacts by empowering children and youth, through uplifting and inspiring success stories, to take an essential role in informing their communities — and society at large, challenging decision-makers, and catalyzing change.