artwork by: Typhaine Le Gallo

Visual Arts

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Art Works for Climate Change

Contemporary art exhibitions around the world to address critical social and environmental issues.

Bow Seat

Bow Seat provides an innovative space for teens to connect, create, and communicate for our ocean. Working at the intersection of ocean science and arts education, our award-winning programming emphasizes creative thinking and making in exploring the natural world. The incredible visual designs are created by middle and high school students.

Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artists (visual arts and music)

Our Affiliated Artists pursue innovative and creative opportunities to engage the public and partners on climate change topics.

Climate Visuals

Based on international social research, Climate Visuals provides seven principles for a more diverse, relatable and compelling visual language for climate change.This website contains a growing library of photographs to provide inspiration and guidance for campaigners, picture editors and communications practitioners selecting imagery for communicating climate change. Along with ech image is a story and how the image relates to the principles of climate change communication. Images are suitable for middle school through adult education.

Extreme Ice Survey

Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) is an innovative, long-term photography program that integrates art and science to give a “visual voice” to the planet’s changing ecosystems. We believe that the creative integration of art and science can shape public perception and inspire action more effectively than either art or science can do alone.

Resilience in the Age of Climate Change

Visionary artists and architects explore the spectre of a warming planet

Teacher's Climate Guide

Teacher's climate guide is an education package for subject teachers. It explains climate change in the context of each school subject and it provides exercises and visual materials.

The Witness Tree

The Witness Tree is a photography project about the effects of climate change around the world.

The Wise Owl Factory

The Wold's Most Famous Climate Change Artist and Others. Suitable for high school.

Twenty Visualizations for Climate Change

Visualizations of climate date over time, includes videos.