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First Nations Pedagogy

The mission of this site is to raise awareness of First Nations pedagogy around the globe. The ways of knowing, learning, and teaching inherent to the traditional methods of informal and formal aboriginal education are profound and important in this 21st Century. Not only for First Nations peoples, but for all of the Earth's citizens.

Cultural Perspectives on Sustainability

These activities provide background information on a western and First Nations and Métis perspective or worldview as an introduction to a variety of viewpoints on sustainability. These lessons incorporate objectives from the unit entitled Life Science: Sustainability of Ecosystems (SE) in the Curriculum Guide (Canada). These activities could be used as an introduction to the topic of sustainability, or as a closure. High school.

The Ways of Knowing Guide / Turtle Island Conservation

This guide is a journey of Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee traditional knowledge reflected through worldview, values, beliefs and stories that speak to the fundamental principle of ensuring sustainable relationships with the land. The intention is that the value of the information found within this guide will be beneficial for all people who read it, and a respect for different ways of knowing will be honoured.