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Change Game

Play with the planet. Build a city in various environments. Bring in utilities, manufacturing and services. Manage resources and investments. Care for the community. Watch out! The higher the level of emissions you and the other players generate, the greater challenges you will face. You may encounter heat waves, droughts, floods, rising sea levels or the spread of new diseases.

Climate Quest

Climate disasters are occurring across the United States, but your 4 heroes have the skills to save countless lives and protect fragile ecosystems! Forecasts of climate disruptions appear all across the map, each based on real impacts selected from the US National Climate Assessment. The player must choose which scientist-hero is best suited to prepare against the disaster: the urban planner, the ecologist, the agricultural scientist, or the climate scientist. Only the swiftest player will be able to prepare for all the events and earn the top score!


Games4Sustainability platform is a guide to making your sustainability message more compelling and accessible by employing games and social simulations. Browse the Gamepedia and find a perfect match for your needs from among 100+ games and simulations arranged by the Sustainable Development Goals. Includes games for all ages and settings.

Lords of the Valley

The Lords of the Valley is a professional role-play simulation game that takes place in the valley of the river exposed to unexpected droughts and floods. Players assume the roles of farmers-businessmen, public officials, banker, and NGO’s worker. They attempt to achieve their own goals, facing many challenges arising from the decisions of their co-players and the unpredictability of the environment.

Minecraft Climate City

Students will turn an oil dependent city into an alternative energy super city of the future. Tidal, Wind, BioFuel, Solar, Geothermal energy additions.

New Shores

Players are sent on a mysterious island which boasts rich coal deposits and pristine forests full of green trees and tasty berries. Unlike in regular games, they are not assigned a concrete mission. Instead, the players may engage in a variety of activities on the island, and either learn to collaborate for the common good or chose to pursue their individual goals. Although it is an online game, it offers a social experience. It entails negotiation and cooperation, and often triggers empathy and respect for democratic values in players.

The Climate Trail

The game is about climate refugees fleeing ever worsening conditions after inaction on climate has rendered much of the USA (and the world) uninhabitable. The game combines the adventure and play of the journey north with visual novel elements, where characters reveal how and why this climate apocalypse unfolded.

Urban Climate Architect

Urban Climate Architect is an educative flash game that allows you to create your own environmental-friendly city. You can design the city by building houses, streets and green spaces, employ citizens in offices and industrial plants while observing the effect of these actions on the climate of the city.

World Rescue

Through fast-paced gameplay set in Kenya, Norway, Brazil, India, and China, you will meet and help five young heroes and help them solve global problems—such as displacement, disease, deforestation, drought, and pollution—at the community level.